Caught in a net of her own lies?
Barbara Lambert -- Writer Caught in a net of her own lies? whirling_girl_large
       What could possibly go wrong?
       What secrets long buried?

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Set against a landscape whose hills still shelter secrets from Etruscan times, The Whirling Girl explores the layered nature of desire, and asks what really are the conditions that foster art, or love -- or the the unearthing of civilization's buried stories?

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Some praise for The Whirling Girl

“Sexy and sophisticated, The Whirling Girl is like a fairytale for grownups. But it’s the sly, wry heroine -- lovely and messy and flawed and true -- who provides the real enchantment, undermining our expectations and exceeding them at the same time.”
Annabel Lyon, author of The Golden Mean.

“...A delicious read! I loved being in Italy for a few weeks with the beautifully flawed Clare and participating in her Etruscan comedy of manners. The dialogue was exceptional, so witty! And the descriptions! … A delight.”
Caroline Adderson, author of The Sky is Falling

“Written with the grace of a seasoned and confident writer ... I was entirely transported to Tuscany and embroiled in the book’s many twists and turns, turning each page with increased curiosity. Barbara Lambert has created a genre-defying gem.”
Steven Galloway, author of The Cellist of Sarajevo.