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A TALE SET IN ITALY, of love and lies, of art and archaeology.
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If you click on TUSCAN RECIPES you will meet Marta Dottorelli, who insists she is not just a character in the novel. Marta wants to set the record straight about her life on a Tuscan farm, and give you delicious recipes from her kitchen. 
       TODAY Marta is describing her family’s grape harvest feast:
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ON MY “ETRUSCANS” page you will find background information about the research that went into The Whirling Girl — not just re archaeology, but about the Amazon, and botanical art, both of which play a major part — as well links to other sites that explore these subjects.

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The Allegra Series is now available in electronic form as well as its original beautiful soft cover; and A Message for Mr. Lazarus (a winner of the Danuta Gleed Award) though temporarily out of print has risen again as an e-book on all electronic platforms.

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