A New Novella

EVA HAS BEEN WISHING FOR A FRIEND. Now this girl is staring at her expectantly, with alarming eyes bright as marbles. She does a stumpy twirl-around, holds out a hand.“So here’s me,” she says, “I’m Wanda.”

The arrival of this strange new friend, a refugee from the London blitz, fills all the empty corners of Eva’s life — except for the fear that Wanda will desert her when she discovers that Eva’s family has been branded as German enemy aliens.

Set in the dry Okanagan landscape at the start of World War II, in a time when suspicion is rife and Canadians of varied origins are subjected to the steeping prejudices of a small Interior town, Wanda revolves around one young, idealistic family of artists and orchardists, each of whom must navigate the complexities war has brought into their lives. But most of all it is the story of Eva, fragile, stubborn, and unrepentant — compelled towards truths that tempt her from childish innocence. Wanda deftly captures the magic of childhood, even as it explores issues of guilt, innocence, shame and the lasting shadows of war.

“Barbara Lambert dives deep into the past to explore a world maimed by war and blessed with art. The story she comes back with — beautifully crafted, complex and satisfying — reaches into the very heart of betrayal.”

-Eva Stachniak, author of The Chosen Maiden