Botanical Art

Some Notes on Botanical Art:

You will find an article by renowned botanical artist Mary Comber Miles, by clicking on her name in the subject line above. Also two of her paintings, one at the start of the article, one right at the end.
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A very old discipline — some of the earliest examples appear in Minoan wall paintings, and on the famous great wall of Thutmose III at Karnak, where he records his spoils of victory — botanical art evolved as an adjunct to the practice of medicine, where it was essential that plants that healed, and plants that killed, could be accurately identified.

Above is an image from Dioscorides “Materia Medica”
Below are plant images from the Great Wall at Karnak, and a Minoan wall fresco.

Botanical art - plant images from the great wall Karnak
Botanical Art - Minoan wall fresco