The Allegra Series

The Allegra Series

Good News: The Allegra Series is now available as an e-book, on Kindle, Kobo, and all relevant platforms — as well as in the original print edition.

Below, are some reviews:

“This tale of three lovers unfolds like a bolt of fine cloth glowing richly beneath the imprint of its telling….”The Globe and Mail.

“”…a clever, genre-bending blend of mythology and romance, bursting at the binding with love, sadness, literary allusion and passion.” Prairie Fire.

“A tale of reality and fable which weaves the reader right into the tapestry.” Coast Independent.

“Lambert knows how to tangle her readers in deceptive, beautiful and inescapable tapestries … inescapable because the characters, images and stories remain, long after you’ve experienced them. Lambert knows her characters better than most people know themselves. Focus on Women Magazine.

“Lambert writes with consummate ease and has created in The Allegra Series a wonderfully rich and luscious novel. Canadian Literature.”

And very recently, a lovely blog piece by Cheryl Andrews, who has just discovered the novel:
here:  Cheryl’s Blog